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: 13th November
: Photography workshop

Laurence has been a full time professional travel blogger and photographer since 2010. Along with his wife Jessica, the couple run the travel blogs Finding the Universe and Independent Travel Cats, where they share tips on travel and photography. The British-American couple is currently based in the UK.

Laurence has been a passionate photographer for almost three decades, since his first film SLR camera. His work has appeared in multiple outlets, including on the BBC website and National Geographic homepage, and he has won awards for this photography in national newspapers and professional organisations like SATW. He's been an ambassador for a number of camera and camera accessory brands over the years. Laurence has been helping others learn photography for many years, including through his online photography course, conference talks and photography workshops around the world.

Laurence Norah
: 13th November
: Video workshop

Caspar’s background in social cultural science, paired with a lifelong love of photography, eventually led to the creation of the several travel storytelling projects that became STORYTRAVELERS, a collective of visual storytellers who live and cultivate authentic experiences around the globe and recount them in evocative ways. 

The videos he has produced with his collective have received millions of views through multiple platforms and channels. Caspar was chosen among National Geographic China’s favourite travel photographers in 2015. 

Today, Caspar’s work as a director and filmmaker is much sought after by global Creative Agencies and television networks like Aljazeera, national tourism boards and marketing campaigners from Germany to South Africa, Ireland to Jordan. Currently based in Amsterdam, he increasingly seeks to apply his visual digital art to projects with the purpose of driving positive change.

Caspar Diederik
: 12th and 13th November
: Effective ways to grow different income streams. Writing workshop

Julie Falconer is a London-based travel blogger and speaker. She runs one of the UK's top travel blogs, A Lady in London, which she founded in 2007 and for which she has traveled to over 100 countries. She is also a public speaker and lectures about blogging and social media all over the world. Originally from San Francisco, Julie attended Brown University and came to the UK in 2007 after leaving a career in finance, during which she worked for Goldman Sachs and a hedge fund.

Julie Falconer
: 12th November
: Influencer ethics and the importance of responsible content creation

Becki Enright is a British Travel Press Award-winning writer and founder of the Borders of Adventure blog whose work focuses on changing perceptions about misunderstood aspects of destinations. Her writing combines storytelling with insight into the social, historical, political and economic factors that shape the country or place in relation to tourism.

Becki has appeared live on Sky News and CNN, as well as being quoted in and writing for high profile media including National Geographic,, Guardian online, New York Times, Grazia and Buzzfeed.

She is also a spokesperson for Austria Tourism after a first of its kind year-long ambassador campaign, and one of the core ambassadors for G Adventures and their Wanderers programme, exploring destinations worldwide where you can travel with a positive social impact.

Becki Enright
: 12th November
: What’s happening in destination marketing – trends and challenges

Peter Jordan is a consultant and researcher specialised in the curation and interpretation of travel trends, for diverse clients from inside and outside the tourism industry. With a background in industry education as well as marketing and communications at various tourism industry associations, he has gained a panoramic view of global travel, including the influence of consumer trends on travel behaviour. He started his career working for the United Nations World Tourism Organization in Madrid and has also worked for the World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation, as well as the Pacific Asia Travel Association.

In 2014 Peter founded the travel trends site GenCTraveller and also became an international associate of Toposophy, piloting the company’s research. He has built a strong reputation for delivering insights on tourism, marketing and consumer trends that are trustworthy, thought-provoking and inspire people to take action.

Peter Jordan
: 12th November
: The travel influencer landscape – the good, the bad and the brilliant

Keith Jenkins founded iambassador and began offering social media and marketing services in 2011. Keith is also the founder and publisher of the Velvet Escape luxury travel blog. Based in Amsterdam, Keith left his ten-year investment banking career to travel the world and carve out a new career as a travel blogger and social media advocate. He has visited more than 80 countries across six continents. In addition to being a travel blogger, Keith often speaks at travel and social media conferences. He is also the co-founder of the Global Bloggers Network, a community of travel bloggers. Keith has been featured in The New York Times, BBC Travel, Lonely Planet, and National Geographic Traveler, and has spoken at TEDxTalk. and

Keith Jenkins
: 12th November
: How I Went From 0 to 750,000 Readers in 3 Years – strategies that drive traffic in leaps & bounds

Jurga Rubinovaite is the founder of a family travel blog ‘Full Suitcase’. Born in Lithuania, she now lives in Belgium with her husband and their three kids.

Jurga studied economics but left the corporate world in order to travel, pursue her passion for photography, and raise her boys. 

At the end of 2015, she started the Full Suitcase travel blog that now reaches hundreds of thousands of readers every month. Jurga comes to this conference to share the most important lessons and strategies that helped to turn her passion for travel into a successful business.

Jurga Rubinovaite