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DAY 1: Plenary sessions for bloggers (Conference)


The travel influencer landscape – the good, the bad and the brilliant (Keith Jenkins)
Travel influencer marketing is evolving rapidly, bringing with it new ideas and concepts but also developments that challenge influencers’ authenticity. In this session, we will discuss the issues plaguing influencer marketing, present case studies of innovative influencer campaigns and initiatives, and highlight how influencers can contribute to wider tourism issues such as overtourism.

What’s happening in destination marketing – trends and challenges (Peter Jordan)
In this session, Peter will provide an overview of the biggest trends and challenges of destination marketing and share his views of how travel influencers can make a positive contribution to responsible and sustainable travel practices.

Influencer ethics and the importance of responsible content creation (Becki Enright)
Both DMOs and bloggers are under increasing pressure to act responsibly, and to enhance the positive impact of tourism while reducing negative impacts. What top tips should both take into account when working together, to ensure that this occurs? How should they build responsible behaviour into agreements and while on the road? What does ‘responsible’ travel content look like? Becki will provide tips on how to adopt ethically sound working practices as well as share her views on the responsibilities of travel influencers.

How I Went From 0 to 750,000 Readers in 3 Years – strategies that drive traffic in leaps & bounds (Jurga Rubinovaite)
Jurga has rapidly risen through the travel blogging sphere, chalking up impressive visibility within a relatively short period of time. She will share her experiences and strategies, from proven SEO practices to storytelling.

Effective ways to grow different income streams (Julie Falconer)
There are countless ways to earn an income through travel blogging. In this session, Julie will provide an overview of possible income streams, as well as tips on how to choose the ones which work best and how to develop them into stable sources of income.

How to stand out from the crowd (panel)
There are millions of travel blogs and social media personalities in the world today, making it increasingly difficult to carve out a visible presence. In this session, a panel of experts will share their views and experience on how to build your brand and make it work for you, as well as other tips on the fundamentals that will make you stand out from the crowd.